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Log Cabin Care: Staining, Media Blasting, & Maintenance

What is Media Blasting

Log homes are beautiful and a popular choice here in western North Carolina for residents and rental properties alike. However, they do require maintenance to extend the life and health of the logs used in their construction. Today we are going to look at what media blasting is, and what it is used for in the restoration of your log structure.

Media blasting is like the more commonly known process of sandblasting (without using sand). It is a dry surface removal of the outer layers of logs, but the materials used in the process are different. This form of blasting pre-treats the surface for stain by removing naturally occurring peeling, old stain, sunburn, mold, and fungus. It revives the color of the logs to a fresher and brighter appearance preparing it for staining.

This type of accumulated surface removal is an excellent alternative to pressure washing which can be harmful to your logs. Wood naturally soaks up moisture and chemicals. If you clean the exterior of your home with a pressure washer the wood will retain the moisture. Thus, if you are in the process of staining your home you then must wait until the wood dries out again to begin your work. However, after the outer surface has been cleaned via media blasting it is immediately ready for you to stain. No water is ever forced into your home or logs and it is environmentally friendly compared to the chemical processes of removal.

Media blasting opens the grain of the wood making it ready to absorb whatever you choose to put on it. As a matter of fact, it can lead up to a 75% increase in penetration for stain and other chemicals such as a sealant. Thus, resulting in increasing the longevity and durability of the color added to your home. It also helps in the absorption of other chemicals such as insecticides into the wood. Insecticides must be applied to keep out wood-boring insects and carpenter bees. If you can eliminate the wood boring insects you can also rid yourself of the pesky woodpeckers who are looking for them. Either the insects or woodpeckers can cause a lot of damage to your property.

Yet, natural elements can cause problems as well. Over time your logs will collect dirt, dust, debris, fungus and other things within them. The collection of these particles creates an environment in your logs that will retain moisture. Over time all of it combined will create rot, decay, and deteriorate your home’s outer structure. Besides, the dirt, fungus, naturally occurring sunburn, and peeling is not aesthetically pleasing.

WNC Blast/Wash & Staining offers a variety of service to help you in the upkeep of your properties. We offer cleaning, sealing, preventive maintenance, staining, restoration and more. We also offer services in painting, sanding, and care for your decks. Pressure washing is also offered for other surfaces such as vinyl siding and concrete, but we do not recommend it for the upkeep of log homes. Media blasting is the best form of cleaning for your log home and we are happy to offer a free estimate at any time. Just take a moment and call us today and we will be on our way!