Pros and Cons of each of these types of log home finishes?

What are the pros and cons of Log Home Stain?

Type of Log Home Stain



  • Oil based Log Home Stain
  • Latex based Solid Color Log Home Stain
  • Semitransparent Acrylic Latex based Log Home Stain
  • Log Home Varnishes
  • Oil based Semitransparent Log Home Stains
  • Widely Available, Wood grain visibility, UV Protection, Non Porous, Easy application
  • Widely available, Breathable, Flexible, Durable, High UV Protection, Porous, Easy application, Low maintenance, Long life
  • Widely available, Breathable, Flexible, Durable, High UV Protection, Wood grain visibility, Porous, Low maintenance, Long life
  • Allows for natural look of logs, Widely available
  • Penetrates into wood, Wood grain visibility, Breathable, High UV protection
  • Trap Moisture, Brittle, Can’t Breathe, Weather Quickly, Coat build-up over time, Blistering if moisture is present behind finish, High Maintenance
  • Won’t prevent decay if conditions are favorable, Short Shelf Life
  • More difficult to apply than oil based stains and solid color stains, Short Shelf Life
  • High maintenance, prone to Cracking, Peeling and Blistering, Requires recoating every 1-2 years, Partial UV protection
  • Perform best on rough sawn, weathered, or course textured wood, Compatibility issues with most log home sealants due to waxes found in most penetrating finishes, Doesn’t have a furniture grade finish look (dull), must apply second coat before first coat dries in order for stain to penetrate wood