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The 3 Most Popular Log Cabin Staining Options 

The 3 Most Popular Log Cabin Staining Options 

Log stains and finishes are a very important part of any log cabin’s makeup, and they serve multiple purposes. They both protect the natural wood and preserve it for years at a time, and this is critical given the fact that log homes are exposed to the same kind of weather conditions that ordinary homes are. A finish will protect the wood and secure it against rot or other damage, whereas a stain will actually change the color or presentation of the logs used in construction. A stain not only protects the logs, but it offers a beautiful appearance as well, so it instantly upgrades the natural look of a log home. Three of the best stains on the market are described below, and these are the ones currently considered to be most popular in the log home market.

Outlast Q8 Log Oil 

This is a superior product which goes on dark when applied, but afterwards lightens up as it’s absorbed by the wood. This oil has wood preservatives included that help to manage termites, powder post beetles, and decay-causing mold. An attractive coating is left on the surface, but other components of Outlast Q8 penetrate deep into the wood to deter peeling and cracking. Of course, the mixture is also water-repellent, so you can count on having no moisture penetrate the logs to reach the interior. It also dries very quickly, so if you’re the one who’s applying this stain, you’ll notice right away that you won’t have to leave the house because of any odors. It’s usually only necessary to apply one coat, and that will amount to a cost savings for you, since you’ll be using less of the product when applying.

Timber Oil Deep-Penetrating Stain 

This penetrating stain comes in four different colors, those being Warm Honey Gold, Amaretto, Brown Sugar, and Western Cedar. If you’re not quite sure which stain you want to use, there are color kits available that you can choose from, and these will give you an idea of what the finished home will look like before you even start the project. Any of these formulas can be applied to brand new wood, and because they all include trans-oxide pigments, they will provide much better coverage than you’d get from paraffinic stains. Do-it-yourselfers love this product, because it’s very easy to use and very easy to apply, and when the work is done, you’ll probably have obtained the perfect finish you were looking for. This product will penetrate deep below the wood surface to renew and rejuvenate older wood on the interior. 

Continental Weatherseal Stain Rustic Pine 

This formula is an instant improvement over most stains, especially those which tend to be a bit runny. Continental Weatherseal has a thick, creamy formula that dissolves into the wood, thereby eliminating any wasteful runoff or mess that regular stains often generate. This product is best used on decks, wooden playground equipment, wood siding, log homes, and wood furniture. It is an oil-based, semi-transparent, alkyd wood finish that is ideal for all the surfaces described above. It can be used by professionals or by do-it-yourselfers with equally great results, so it’s a great product for anyone at all to use. It includes a number of oil-based resins, waterproofing elements, and performance boosters that protect the wood against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. On top of everything else, this stain brings out the natural beauty of the logs, and make them as appealing as possible. The formula inhibits dripping and offers long-lasting protection for any log home where it gets applied.