Log Home Staining

What is the best stain for log homes?

A quality stain on a log home is very important. There are many checks (cracks in logs) and micro checks on the surface of the logs. These imperfections are like highways for water to find its way behind the stain. When a log home stain cannot breathe, mildew will form beneath the finish, which will eventually lead to rot or the need to remove the existing log home finish.

The team at WNC Washing and Staining ensures your log home stain will flex with the logs through the seasons. This ability to flex reduces the amount of micro-checking in the logs, which helps keep water infiltration at a minimum while also extending the life of the log home stain.

  • Breathability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Not harsh on applicator
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy Clean-Up
  • Flexible
  • High UV Protection
  • Warranty

The log home restoration process involves 4 steps to achieve lasting and protective results:

  • Log Home Preparation
  • Log Home Preservation
  • Log Home Caulking/Chinking
  • Log Home Staining

If any of these steps are skipped it could leave your log home at risk for:

  • Air Infiltration
  • Water Infiltration
  • Dust Infiltration
  • Mold & Mildew Prevention
  • UV breakdown of wood Prevention
  • Insects, Rodents Prevention