Log Home Sikkens Sealants

What is Sikkens?

Sikkens Log Home Stain is a wood stain that ensures durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. It’s a unique product we offer our customers. Sikkens is an oil-based, water born product, so once it’s created, it does not separate over time. In fact, if you leave a can of sickens in room temperature conditions for ten plus years then stir it up, it’s still usable for the application. Any other oil-based or acrylic (water) based stains will break down and become unusable over time.

The Sikkens product is very distinct in appearance. When the product is applied correctly it gives a smooth furniture-like finish and high gloss effect. The shelf lives for this product is double or sometimes triple that of its competitors. Sikkens on the sides of a cabin receiving minimal sun exposure won’t break down for 12 to 15 years; however, the sides that receive high UV rays will need additional maintenance as the finish begins to show deterioration.

Once a cabin has been coated with sickens, it’s very difficult and to change colors or products later on. Once Sikkens is used, you will always need to use Sikkens thereafter. Further, if a maintenance coat is not performed in the high UV areas, it will begin to peal. If the pealing process begins, the logs will need to be sanded down before re-staining with the three coat process. This can be a significant nuisance for all involved, so one of our primary goals is ensuring proper maintenance happens on areas that need it.

If applied and maintained correctly, Sikkens can truly add to the functionality and appearance of your log home. Call WNC Pressure Washing today to learn more about this beneficial product that will add years to the life of your log home.