Log Home Sealants

What is the best stain for log homes?

Good sealants for log homes are either log chinking or log caulking and which one you choose depends on they type of look you are going for. Log caulking and chinking are usually applied one of two ways: Professional grade or contractor grade.

Log chinking and log caulking are the two types of sealants for log homes. Professional grade application of a log home caulking or chinking is the most beneficial, as it applies the use of a backer rod in between the log joints. It ensures the caulking or chinking of choice only touches at two points on the log, allowing for expansion/contraction without tearing.

Contractor grade application of chinking and caulking uses no backer rod and has an inconsistent wall thickness that is usually applied via smearing. This method leads to a much faster failure of the chinking and caulking which in turn leaves your log home at risk for air, water, and pest/insect infiltration, and ultimately, rotting of the logs.