Log Home Restoration Process

How do you maintain a log home?

The log home restoration process involves four steps. These steps will achieve lasting and protective structural and cosmetic results for your home. The four steps of log home restoration include:

1). Log Home Preparation

2). Log Home Preservation

3). Log Home Staining

4). Log Home Caulking/Chinking

All four steps of the process are integral, and if any are skipped, your log home could be at risk for the following:

  • Air infiltration
  • Water infiltration
  • Dust infiltration
  • Mold and mildew prevention
  • UV breakdown of wood Prevention
  • Insects/rodents

Important First Step

Preparation is the first step of the process. Prepping for log home caulking, log home chinking, borate preservatives, and log home stain is the most important part in the log home restoration process. Basically, every step relies on the proper preparation of the surface of the log home. Proper preparation starts with an analysis of the location and the environment that surrounds your log home.

This includes locating

  • hot-spots
  • cold-spots
  • moisture problems
  • air circulation issues
  • mold pr mildew
  • decomposition of logs
  • failed chinking/caulking/stain around your log home.