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Media Blasting for Cabin Staining

How to Know When It’s Time to Media Blast Your Log Home

How to Know When It’s Time to Media Blast Your Log Home 

After your log home has been fully constructed and in place for several years, you may notice that dirt and grime have begun to accumulate on the exterior surfaces, particularly between logs. It’s a good idea to inspect your log home’s exterior at the beginning of each new year, to see if any kind of deterioration has taken place.

If you happen to notice the growth of mold or fungus, or any damage due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, that is probably a good time to media blast your log home. It isn’t really practical to wash the logs by hand, although that might provide a more thorough cleaning. So when you notice any of the symptoms described above, you should contact your local log home cleaner and schedule a cleaning as soon as it’s practical.

Cleaning the exterior 

It’s important that you keep your log home’s exterior clean, just as it would be if you had vinyl siding or any other type of exterior siding. Depending on what is contained in the debris resting on your exterior, it could be eating away at the material, or at the very least, it could leave that area discolored and possibly in need of replacement. Any mold or fungus which is allowed to continue growing will cause the logs to rot, and it could also cause a health situation, if it penetrates to the interior. Apart from the fact that cleaning the logs will improve their aesthetics, it’s important to keep them clean so they will last longer and provide good protection for the home’s occupants.

How to preserve your log home 

After you’ve media blasted your log home, it’s a good idea to apply a preservative to the logs prior to re-staining. The preservative will help them last as long as possible, and to provide good protection from weather elements, as well as from accumulating water or other substances. There are also some components contained in modern wood preservatives which discourage pests like termites and bees from making their home in your logs. That  can be super-important, because otherwise logs can be a powerful attraction to such varmints.

Re-staining the logs will help to bring out their natural beauty, but it does more than that as well. The elements in the stain will combine with those in the wood preservative to increase the lifespan of your logs, and will provide an extra layer of protection against invasive critters as well as the worst elements of weather.  Staining your logs will also significantly decrease water absorption by the logs, and it will limit any damage sustained by the logs due to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. All these benefits are derived just from combining wood preservative with an attractive stain.

Who can wash and stain your log home? 

If you’re looking for some experts to do a thoroughly professional job of pressure-washing, preserving, and staining your beautiful log home, look no further than WNC Blast/Wash and Staining, the premier contractors in western North Carolina. Having done this kind of work for clients for many years now, WNC know exactly what needs to be done to your log home in order to make it last as long as possible, and to look its best for all those years. Contact our friendly representative to ask any questions you may have, or to obtain a quote for a job on your western North Carolina home. You’ll be very happy with the results, and you’ll be very glad you went straight to the professionals for superior work!