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Log Cabin Staining

How to get your home prepared for the Spring?

It has been a mild and wet winter, but finally, we are closer to updating our clocks as we welcome Spring. Even though it is still winter, the time has come to think about preparing our home to welcome the lively joy of the upcoming spring. Let’s not be caught unprepared with our homes when the appearance of the first buds and the warm heat of the sun’s rays announce the rebirth of nature. It will also be the time for renovation for our homes.

When we talk about Renovation, it doesn’t mean that we have to renovate only from inside but outside areas like garden, outside walls, etc are equally important. Repainting room walls or simply applying wall stickers help bring in the spring mood.  Sometimes we hang natural garlands in the house or a vase of fresh flowers for the interior to start feeling the crisp air of the new season.  We know Spring cleaning is coming!

Spring cleaning is a must.  We need to tidy up and get rid of the accumulated “things” during the colder months.   It’s time to thoroughly clean the carpets, wash the curtains, arrange the wardrobes and organize a methodical cleaning plan that will affect the entire house, even the corners, and surfaces that are usually overlooked. Also, you shouldn’t overlook the outer area of the house. There are various services that will give your outside house a new look such as:

  • Pressure Washing
  • External Painting
  • Log Home Restoration Process
  • Deck Mold Removal, etc.

Pressure Washing

A high-temp water pressure washing procedure is best when cleaning away the mold/stains.  The hot water process works better than cold water, which makes it a very good option for cleaning siding, walls, patios, decks, and driveways.  Mold is one of the biggest enemies of a deck.  Mold can get underneath wood stains and sealers, causing them to weaken or fail prematurely. Mold will also rot and decay wood if it is neglected, which will jeopardize the integrity of the deck and decrease its longevity.  It’s imperative to pressure wash before restaining or repainting.

Media Blasting

If you own a log cabin then you should consider media blasting.  This is an excellent substitute for pressure washing (eliminates water entry to the cabin).  Media Blasting is a process that blasts material that removes the old finish from cabin/wood.  Media Blasting completely removes peeling, sunburned, and fungus from Logs.  Logs are ready to stain (no drying time at all).

Exterior Painting

Last but not least, the exterior painting of your home (not log cabin) should not be ignored.  Like other services, exterior painting also includes some different procedures such as cleaning, caulking, scraping loose paint, and applying new paint. When it comes to applying the new paint, basically there are two separate options of a coating such as oil-based and acrylic coating. Make sure that the experts choose the right coating for the right surface. You must ask and clear everything with your professionals about the procedure in detail before opting out for any kind of service.

With the arrival of the spring, it is important to devote some time to the garden too that requires some chores before you can officially welcome the summers. The time has come to take care of your green corner, to make it lush and lively again. Whether you own a garden, a small terrace or a large yard, the first part should be planning and clean-up. Then you can start sowing various plants, vegetables or beautiful flowers which will illuminate the garden and open spaces with an elegant look.

The Spring cleaning can renew the love you feel for your home, but it’s important not to overdo it, it depends on your needs as you prioritize.

Our professionals can assist you with the exterior of your log cabin, homes, gardens, landscaping, and lawn care.  We’re ready for Spring/Summer — let’s do this!