How Long Does Caulking & Chinking Take

You may be wondering how long it will take to preserve your log home. While each log home is different, it takes approximately two to five weeks to restore your log home from start to finish. It typically takes this long due to drying time from washing the home, drying time in between coats of stain, and curing time for any caulking or chinking that needed to be done.

Below are some approximate time frames in regard to various stages of log-home restoration:

  • Removing the existing finish can take three to six days depending on the type of existing finish, size of building, design of building, and landscaping around the building.
  • Washing a log home takes a day and needs at least two to four days to dry out depending on weather conditions, such as humidity, precipitation, temps, etc.
  • Applying a borate-based log preservative should only take a day but requires the same amount of drying time as washing the log home.
  • Applying the first coat of stain can take one to three days, also dependent on the size, design, and landscaping around the home.
  • Caulking or chinking can can take 1-5 days and usually needs three to six days to cure before applying the second coat of stain. This curing time is dependent upon the joint size of the caulking or chinking.
  • Since caulking should not be applied to a joint size greater than 1 inch, it usually takes less curing time than chinking.
  • Chinking joint size can vary from 1 inch to 6 inches and usually the larger joint size requires greater curing time so you can apply the second coat of stain to it without ruining your beautiful chinking job.
  • The second coat of stain can take one to three days to apply and needs a day of dry time.

That’s log home restoration in a nutshell. Our team loves what we do. Call us today so we can begin restoring your home.