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How do you take care of a log home?

If you own a log cabin, you know that maintaining it does require effort, but those who own cabins will also tell you that they are worth it! WNC Blast/Wash & Staining is here to help you with all of your log cabin care needs, and today we want to give you tips on how to take care of your log home.


The first step to doing any work on your log home is to do an examination of your logs on the exterior. Walk around each side of your home and take note of any areas that are indicating there could be issues such as mold, UV damage, fungus, etc.

It is also helpful to carry a camera, even the one on your phone will do, to document what you find. We never like to think of damage happening that could require the aid of an insurance company, but it is better to record too much than none at all.

Cleaning the Exterior

Just as it essential to clean the exterior of a home with vinyl siding, you have to do the same for log homes. With vinyl siding, it is common to use a pressure washer and water to blast away dirt and grime, but we do not suggest using the same methods for the exterior of a log home.

The reason why is logs naturally retain moisture and adding too much water will increase the likelihood of mold and fungus growth. If you are planning to apply a new layer of stain to your logs, if they are saturated, they will not be able to absorb as much stain. Instead, we recommend cleaning your logs with media blasting.

Media blasting is a dry non-silica-based form of blasting that removes the old stain, fungus, sunburn, and more from your logs. This form of cleaning does not use anything with moisture, so your logs stay dry, and you can quickly move onto the next step of maintaining your log home.

Preservation of Your Logs

After your exterior logs have been media blasted, they will need a preservative before staining them. Wood preservatives prevent rot from happening, thus prolonging the lifespan of your cabin. The components of wood preservatives also discourage pests like termites and boring bees from attacking your logs.

Bring on the Stain

Staining the exterior logs of your home brings out their beauty, but it also plays a vital role in adding protection along with preservatives.

When you stain the logs, it brings back their natural luster and adds protection against a variety of elements. Staining can also block UV rays from causing damage through fading and block water absorption.

Seal it All in

The final step in taking care of your log home is to seal the logs and the spaces between for a well-rounded defense against the elements.

The spaces between logs and the cracks that will naturally occur over time are where rot begins. Periodically, it is vital that the original chinking and chalking are checked and repaired. What starts as a small crack can cause more damage than you can imagine if water finds its way in.

That is why WNC Blast/ Wash & Staining suggests you take care of problems early and hire a professional contractor like ourselves to handle these situations. We use a professional grade sealer by Sikkens. Sikkens sealers will provide a furniture-like finish to your logs while blending in seamlessly.

Keeping out the elements and pests is the key to taking good care of your log home. No one wants their log home to become vulnerable to decay and lose value.  Your home is your castle, and we understand that, so if you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, contact us today for a free quote!