Exterior Painting

How do you paint exterior?

Exterior paint contributes significantly to the overall look of your home. This service consists of cleaning, caulking, scraping loose paint, and applying paint. Each surface requires special cleaning measurements.

The team at WNC Pressure Washing strives to clean using environmentally-friendly agents, which ensures no plants or animals in the proximity will be damaged or hurt in the process. We also use a hot water commercial pressure washer that opens the spoors in the wood or concrete. This releases dirt and grim to ensure a strong grip for the new coating.

Preventative maintenance is the best maintenance. Caulking cracks around widows and doors can prevent drafts into your home or office and it can also help prevent unwanted critters from entering. Re-coating metal surfaces is very important. If metal fades or scratches and becomes unprotected, it will rust. Our team can catch this before it becomes a major problem by washing the surface and re-coating it.

Most of our exterior coatings come from Sherwin-Williams paint company. We have developed a great relationship with Sherwin-Williams and upon request we can have a representative from the store come out and offer consultation. When it comes to paint, oil-based and acrylic-based are two different types of coatings. We make sure the right coating gets applied for the correct surface.