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Benefits of Staining Your Deck After Pressure Washing

With Winter around the corner, one must protect and prepare their home for the colder days. During the summer spilled charcoal has probably turned your deck into an ash speckled disaster, last falls leaves have solidified into sticky patches, and the new pollen rolling in as made a pestilent yellow coat over your porch’s entirety.

Well, there is only one solution, pressure washing. While this may seem like an easy task, sometimes hiring a professional is more beneficial than doing it yourself. Professional pressure washers have access to top of the line equipment that will rid your deck of imperfections at maximum efficiency. More importantly, they can save you time! Properly pressure washing a deck leaves it vibrant and new-like.

After all, is said and done and the evil debris that plagued your deck has been defeated, sealing or staining is the next step. The stain may seem like a simple luxury, but this couldn’t be more wrong. A lot of people don’t know this, but stain actually functions as a sealant as well, except with the added benefit of improving the overall “look” and value of a home. There are various options to go with when staining, with shades ranging from a deep deep dark to a pine-like lightness. Darker stains will prevent future obtrusions from being as noticeable, while a lighter stain can brighten up a home and give it that “summery” vibe.

There is a number of benefits attributed to staining a deck:
(1) The deck will look better, and blend in with its surroundings, rather than look like a weekend project never finished.
(2) The deck will be fully protected from water absorption and swelling.
(3) Stain, unlike sealant, protects from UV rays, which fades wood over time.

One last thing to keep in mind if staining a deck is the type of stain. There are two main types, water, and oil-based. Most professionals will recommend using an oil-based stain. Oil is preferred over water as it better fuses with the wood and prevents futures warping, or cracks.

Don’t wait too long, before you know it beautiful weather will be upon you, and everyone wants a lovely deck to sit on. If you have any questions about the benefits of staining, the process, or a quote give us a call. A friendly representative will answer any and all questions in a timely manner.