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5 Reasons to Protect Your Home with Washing and Staining

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but a house is inevitably judged by the way it looks on the outside. Homeowners typically spend more time thinking about interior design and layout, but it’s the outside of a home that friends, family, and other folks see as they drive by or arrive for a party or holiday.

Taking care of a home in its entirety is the only way to secure and increase the value. Furthermore, curb appeal is a key component in regard to a home’s overall aesthetics. Whether you’re staying in a home long-term or listing it on the market, it’s imperative to protect and maintain the exterior.

Washing and staining are two techniques that add beauty and longevity to your home. The team at WNC Washing & Staining are experts at these techniques and while washing and staining often work in unison, we offer these services individually as well.

5 Reasons to Protect Your Home with Washing and Staining

Saves time and stress: Setting aside a short amount of time to have your home pressure washed and stained is the better alternative to the time it takes repairing water damage or treating an insect infestation. Moreover, having a nice home that’s washed and stained decreases stress and increases joy in your life.

Saves money: Whether it’s your health or your home, preventative maintenance is always the best defense. If individuals wait until they are very sick or injured, treatment becomes much more expensive. The same concept is true for one’s home. Washing and staining periodically protects the home against permanent damage that would ultimately cost a significant amount to fix.

Protects against the elements: Snow, rain, wind, debris, and residue from vehicles will break down the exterior materials of one’s home over time. Homeowners can slow down the damage significantly by keeping the structure washed and stained. Continuously removing dirt, grime and other elements as well as strengthening your external surfaces through staining, will drastically increase the lifespan of your home.

Removes allergens: Pollen, dander, and other allergens collect on the exterior surface of  your home the same way they collect on cars, patio furniture, and jungle gyms. Think about how often you wash your car to remove allergy-inducing particles. The same thing needs to occur with your house. The more you wash your home, the less allergens there will be and the better everyone in the family will feel.

Increases value: Washing and staining your home increases both aesthetic value and monetary value. A clean, shiny, well-kept home obviously offers more pleasing curb appeal. Further, by strengthening the bones of your house and lengthening the lifespan, home inspections and other real estate requirements will end positively.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to protecting and maintaining one’s home through washing and staining. While you may have ignored these services in the past, now is the time to incorporate them into your short-term and long-term maintenance plan. This simple change in philosophy and practice will offer much happiness to both your home and your family.

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